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Guards at the Gate

Guards at the Gate will take you on a fast-paced trip from the thought of our Founding Fathers to the thoughts of today’s leaders. This book will surprise you. It should make you want to dig into the American history.

The ideas being projected today toward our youth, our families, and our country would literally have the Pilgrims, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Abraham Lincoln, General Patton, Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and many more, spinning in a tornado in their graves.

History tells the truth for past and current events, not the media. It is up to you. Are you ready?

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The Spiral Notebook

Billie K. Bettis was seeking a way to sort through her emotions. She decided that writing in her diary was what she needed—an outlet to cry out and try to deal with the emotional events that sometimes get worse rather than better. She got her spiral notebook and poured her heart and soul to it.

The Spiral Notebook, co-authored by her husband, Terry Bettis,is a powerful and striking book written from a real life event. The names and people in this book are real.

The book is about an incident that happened in the Bettis’ life that has touched and continues to touch her family for over 24 years. She will explain it in this book the events and how it has transformed her family and direction in life. She will also talk about what held her family together when most families are ripped apart or destroyed.

“I started reading it and instantly knew what she was talking about. I felt like I had invaded her thoughts and privacy the more I read and at one point as I was reading I leaned back in the chair put my hands on the spiral notebook and looked up at GOD and prayed. It was at that time I found out many         things about her that I never knew. Her feeling and love for her family among a few,” Terry Bettis shares.

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Turning Points

Ever wonder what is happening to our country?

In Turning Points, Terry W. Bettis, takes you through the history of this country, looking at how through the years our Republic has had its ups and downs. 

As you read, you will learn about things that have given life to this country, as well as things that have drained the life from it.  You will discover things that you thought were a blessing to this country, only to find that in fact, they are destroying our freedoms, and our Constitution, turning our country from one filled with God’s blessing to one of slavery. 

The United States was founded on Christian principals, though far from perfect, it has been blessed by God, because we had put Him first.  Being attacked on many fronts God is being pushed out the door of America.  We are seeing the results.  In Turning Points, you will learn how this is happening, plus the effect it is having on our country, churches, families and the future generations, yet to be born.

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