Author's Information

Terry is well qualified to write a book because of his fervor and passion for history the way it was written.  He has demonstrated to me and others his great attention to detail in his research and fact finding in preparation for those books he has authored and co authored.  He possesses the ability to build a story line and back it up with facts.  His conclusions are based on historical facts.

Mr. Bettis is a true Patriot.  His zeal and passions to preserve this great Republic through his teachings and lecture are well known it TEA party and conservative circles.

Mr. Bettis is a resident of New Mexico with deep roots in Texas as well.  His service to this country in the USAF and to the public as a law enforcement officer and as a City Councilmen of Eunice, NM, qualify him to be a patriotic American.

Roger - Texas

My friend Terry Bettis is a keen observer of life and life in motion. I have known him for decades and Terry´s incisive mind is ever at work on society and its transmogrification's. He is a constitutional scholar and an exponent of personal freedom. I am in awe of the depth of Terry´s knowledge of our Constitution and the freedoms it bestows.

As a human being? Terry Bettis is hard to beat. He is revered by his friends and associates. He works hard and remains pleasant under even the most adverse circumstances. He and his wife, Billie, have been dear friends of ours for decades. If we needed someone to administer our estate, we would choose the Bettis'. They are honest and intelligent.

My wife and I regretted that Terry and Billie moved from Texas to New Mexico. We figured the move increased the median IQ of New Mexico and decreased that of Texas.

Paul Freeman
Marble Falls, Texas